What to bring!

Sun block, a hat, sandals and mozie spray will get you on the road, but we insist on and accept that you have already taken FULL medical insurance cover before you enter our gate, and that it includes a flying ‘medivac’ clause to get you to a Windhoek hospital if needed. There is a mission hospital 30 km away for small emergencies.

This is a malaria area and you need to consult your Doctor as to how to protect yourself while in these areas. None of the staff take any precautions other than to ensure they are covered up at sunrise and sunset with long sleeves and a repellant spray – new research shows that 95% of all malaria mosquito bites occur at these times and then only 200mm from the floor.  (we don’t spray poisons around the camp – EVER – and therefore have a working natural balance of mozie’s, spiders, geckos’ and birds that keep the mozie down to a very low number)

But REMEMBER to tell your doctor that you have been in a malaria area if you feel at all sick up to 6 months after returning home.

YOU accept that we (the owners & staff & employees) at Ngepi are NOT responsible for your safety while you are here – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for you.

We will be on call anytime to assist you to ensure that you understand the dangers of being in a remote part of Africa, and to steer you away from the pitfalls of life here, and to make sure that you have a great time.

We have been doing it for 20 years and nobody is dead yet!!

come and get a life ….