Our Treehouses

    Oh, how we love our trees! Every one of our Tree Houses at Ngepi fits its tree’s structure naturally, not harming the tree during or after construction. The tree defined how the tree house was to be built, and with the house placed on the eastern side of the tree, the tree house will receive the blessing of the afternoon shade. In true symbiotic spirit, all water and waste is re-directed back to the tree.

    For you as our guest to experience nature and be part of it, we designed the house so that you can see the sun rise between your toes when lying in bed! Simple décor, roll down reed walls, an evaporative air-conditioning system (a garden spray system on the roof) and an open en-suite shower is everything you need for comfortable living...with your feet in nature! Read more about our Tree houses

    • Check-In time from 2PM
    • Rate includes All Day Breakfast
    • Solar powered electricity from 10AM to 10PM
    • Fireplaces available, but not equipped for self-catering
    • En-suite bathroom with al fresco shower
    • Linen, towels and mosquito nets included
    • Hand Wash laundry service available
    • WIFI at Bar/Reception area

    Remember to pack

    • Pool Towels
    • Flashlight
    • Braai Grid

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