The ten commandments of responsible living

Mark Adcock Food for Thought

1. Satisfy your needs without detracting from others.

2. Live to respect the right to life and development of others.

3. Safeguard the right to life and health of all growing and living things

4. Pursue happiness, freedom and fulfillment for self and in others.

5. Help those less privileged to live without hunger and penury.

6. Preserve or restore the integrity of the environment.

7. Help children and young to discover ways of thinking and acting of their own.

8. Ask your government to deal peacefully and cooperatively with other nations and cultures.

9. Patronize businesses that provide without impairing the environment.

10. Use media with reliable information on trends and events that affect life to make sound decisions.


“Some of the worst wrongs are caused by people trying to change things”