Tree Project Donations/Sponsorship Options

Per Month Per Year
 1 Tree
 US$ 1
 US$ 12
10 Trees
 US$ 10
 US$ 120
100 Trees
 US$ 100
 US$ 1200

Cash or Credit Card (in person or by phone, fax or email)

We like to give people plenty of options. You don’t have to sponsor a tree if you don’t want to (although you really should… all the cool people sponsor trees). If you would like to just make a once off donation you can easily do this.

Donation Box

We all love a cold beverage! Come and visit us here at Ngepi camp and make your way to our unique bar! You’ll find a donation box here for the Ngepi Tree Project. Don’t let the money box go hungry- it’s favorite type of food is ‘spare change’!

Contact Details

Ngepi Tree Project c/o Ngepi Camp
PO Box 5140

If you have any questions just email us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!