Dragon River Rafting

Imagine a river springing up in the highlands of Angola, sweeping south, gaining momentum and collecting many other streams and tributaries along the way. On the journey, it expands to become a mighty stretch of water. It meanders for hundreds of miles, giving sustenance to many, the life blood of thousands, the subject of myths, legends and magic.

Imagine this river as it reaches Namibia and passes through the narrow strip of land known as the Caprivi Strip. On this remote section of river, there are a tangle of islands and waterways through which the river weaves its way, exploring, meandering and eventually rejoining the main river.The guardian river dragon Dicongoro, with kudu like horns, watches over his river and all those who use it. Read more about the Dicongoro

Imagine this pristine wilderness, some Bushman people, riverine forests on mysterious un-inhabited islands, massive rocks guarding the banks and forcing the water to flow through nooks and crannies. Secret water-ways become narrow and winding between unexplored places. It offers deep pools and quiet backwaters for an interesting and challenging fishing experience. This river rises 3meters after rain in the Angolan highlands, and changes its face completely for a while.

Imagine gliding past the island where only Kings are buried, being accompanied by bird song, towering trees, singing water, reflections. Catch glimpses of animals, crocodiles, otters, hippos. Think of rapids with foaming water, followed by quiet still patches, but always the river flowing strongly and taking you on a journey south, to the start of one of the wonders of the world. This is the river which eventually spreads its fingers and becomes the mighty Okavango Delta, a unique stretch of water flowing through a desert, and at its journeys end, fading into the sands and never reaching a coast line.

Imagine exploring this river, one of a few privileged people to do so. You can, and we offer explorations, adventures, feelings and a special experience with Dragon River Safaris….

Imagine that…..

An Experience unique to Ngepi!