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Tribute to Ngepi

I visited Ngepi Camp together with my best friend / soulmate Sofie, December last year. Two young, Belgian women, with a huge eager to see the world, travelling by public transport and car through Zambia and Namibia. We arrived at Ngepi only at day 8 of our big adventure. On our way to the camp, we ran into our first elephants crossing the B8, convinced this was going to be one hell of an adventure.  After a while on the nicely muddy road to the camp, (Yip, we accidently took the 4 wheel drive with our VW Polo) we arrived safe and sound and came face to face with heaven on earth, “Ngepi camp” as people call it. A never ending smile on our faces caused by the hilarious signs across the road, made us fall in love with Ngepi at first sight. And then… the love just kept growing!

I will try to express how thankful I am for it to have crossed my path, and for the happiness and joy it gave me.


After enjoying the view over the river, sharing laughs and chats with the staff, getting rid of sweat and dust in “Today or Tomorrow”,  and finally treating ourselves on the first glass of wine, we were easily convinced to stay a little longer than initially planned. The perfect combination of the friendliest staff, breath-taking views and treehouses, delicious food and (too?) many drinks at the fire, made my heart insanely happy. And if you forgot to smile just for just one second, there was always a quote nearby to reveal a true smile on your face again.

But there was so much more … The mutual respect of the staff towards each other and to the guests, the joy of life which splashed out of every soul. Ngepi kept surprising! The absence  of doors at the toilet(s) of Eden and showering underneath the blue sky (or under the stars, plenty of bugs joining you), having breakfast on the deck (far from phone or stress from home) enjoying Starlings crossing by, enthusiastic licks and jumps from the dogs, evening yoga sessions while watching the sun set by the river, listening to the sound of the owl’s and then in the evening, getting scared by the view of scorpions and the snoring of the hippo’s just a liiiiiittle too close..    You see, I can keep going … in Dutch we say: “Waar het hart van vol is, loopt de mond van over

I have never felt happier, going on the game drive in the Mahango game reserve, getting deeply touched by the beauty of nature! Furthermore, I was moved by the knowledge of Dan & Rob, teaching us about the (wild)life, Baobab’s and the stars, by their love and respect towards the people in the community.

When leaving Ngepi behind, off to new adventures, my heart cried silently inside my chest, knowing this wasn’t a forever-goodbye. I realized this pure sense of happiness at that point, but I even appreciate it more now, being home again. Friends say they have never seen me happier: talking about, and feeling the beauty of Ngepi.

So that’s why I’d love to thank you, for giving people from all over the world, the opportunity to experience the “Get a life or just dream on”-feeling. It truly changed me, opened my eyes and helped to make clear I no longer want to rush through life, set goals we are “supposed” to fulfill but which might not come out of your own heart. No, I want to live, feel for myself what my heart longs for and no longer walk the path I am “supposed” to walk. I need to see the world, forget about life’s road map, wander and follow my heart at any cost. If I have to choose between being poor of money or rich in experience, I will not doubt any longer. I want to love and live Life in its simplicity .. in its totality.

Thank you Ngepi, for the Experience, for the Wisdom and the Happiness.
I will be back … soon I hope!

I wish you all the very best…
I wish you enough…

Eva Ceulemans,

Heverlee, Belgium

18th of May, 2015