The right thing to do!


To start a ground swell of people who ‘do the right thing’ – buzz words of‘the right thing to do’ used in general conversation, as ‘doing the right thing’ will have a GREAT positive impact on all our futures

An example would be the person confronted with the sudden decision to let someone into the traffic … or not,…. or someone makes a mistake (we all do daily!!), …. or only purchasing a product that is manufactured with due consideration to the environment etc etc,  …….
the right thing to do would be ….. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT THING IS IN FACT – SO DO IT PLEASE!!

humiliation and social ostracisation are very powerful tools to motivate people to change and ‘do the right thing’, but it is suggested the preferable approach should be to rather add a positives to a negative situation – so rather than compounding the negative … be constructive instead by discussing the issue calmly with them.

The least positive ‘thing’ you should do to someone that you felt really needed to see ‘the right thing to do’, is perhaps to just turn your back… they will soon get the message, and you have therefore left the door open for them to join us when they have worked it out…

How to move forward

  1. web sites
  2. Bumper stickers
  3. Radio stations
  4. T shirts
  5. Posters

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