Ngepi Picture Gallery

“Picture Ngepi . . . “

We’ll keep adding photos so keep checking back here!

PS:  If you think a great photo looks like yours, it probably is!  We love our guests photo memories and if you’ve shared them, we may have used them 🙂  Sharing is Caring!

The Ngepi Files (Albums): 


Forth coming attractions (Work-In-Progress)

Large Mouth Thin Face (Carl Schaefer, Mpafa Travel)

Catch and RELEASE!

picture show (82)

Ngepi Kindergarten

2008 Jan 07 007

Dragon River Rafting


Ngepi Tree Project

Sunset cruise (Mpafa Travel)


Namibia Holiday 073

Our local community

Bath with a view (Albie Geldenhuys)

Our Famously Funky Ablutions

Pool (Put Foot Rally) (2)

Hippo & Croc Cage Dive (aka The Pool)


Row Row Row Your Mokoro . . .

Ngepi Camp Caprivi (20)

Accommodating Nature


Ngepi OVC (Orphans & Vulnerable Children) Project