Ngepi Poftjie Kindergarten


The ‘Ngepi Poftjie Kindergarten’ was built by us in the Divayi village near our gate and our teachers focus more on lessons on environment rather that the western education system. We have 3 teaching assistants from the local village who are amazing – we supply a TV with only environmental programs and on the odd occasion some big soccer games to entertain the community at large, who now use this kindergarten as a community centre.

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The facts about Ngepi camp

NGEPI CAMP’S COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE TOURISM – 2015 Ngepi Camp was created in 1987 by Mark Adcock who still owns and oversees it to this day. Today it is a world famous destination and attracts tens of thousands of tourists to Namibia annually. Ngepi Camp’s real success is that (despite the factContinue Reading

What our guests have to say

“Ngepi is an awesome place! . . . Love the creativity and the uniqueness! We had a really great time here. Will definitely be back!” (John, Carol, Lara & Jayne Day, South Africa, July 2015)   “Wish we had more time here… amazing!!” (Manne’s, Vith’s, Chaplin’s & Tweedle’s, Cape Town, South Africa, July 2015)  Continue Reading

Tribute to Ngepi

I visited Ngepi Camp together with my best friend / soulmate Sofie, December last year. Two young, Belgian women, with a huge eager to see the world, travelling by public transport and car through Zambia and Namibia. We arrived at Ngepi only at day 8 of our big adventure. On our way to the camp,Continue Reading

Our Wonderful Wild Life

So we were having a little afternoon nap to clear the lunch time sleepy beer feeling and were suddenly woken by a huge splash and then lots of thrashing and squealing and squeaking from the river under our deck. We ran to the edge of our tree house deck and the reeds were thrashing aroundContinue Reading

Okavango River Monsters and other secrets of the Hambukushu people

Okavango River Monsters and other secrets of the Hambukushu people

The sun is just beginning to set as you poll your mokoro along the panhandle of the Okavango. It’s been a successful but long day of fishing, and tonight there’ll be tilapia for dinner, enough for the whole family! Suddenly, your mokoro [traditional dugout] won’t move. Nomatter how hard you pull, it remains stuck. YouContinue Reading

Welcome to the Ngepi family Mr and Mrs African Wood Owl

We would like to introduce you to our resident African wood owls! At night time they can be seen perched on a branch near the bar, making use of the insect-attracting lanterns to find their dinner… Wood Owls eat arthropods, reptiles, small mammals and birds, which they catch on the wing, off the ground or inContinue Reading

Ngepi’s Mokoro Trips – a taste of traditional Kavango life

There is undoubtedly no better way to explore the Okavango Delta than on a mokoro… I loved my mokoro trip at Ngepi Camp! Gliding through the water unobtrusively (without a noisy engine to scare away the wildlife) allows you entry into a secret world. Reedy islands and riverbanks are alive with birds of all kind;Continue Reading

Responsible tourism drives award winning Ngepi camp

An article about Ngepi Camp on the Namibian Tourism Expo blog! Ngepi camp on the Kavango river in the far north east of Namibia is a magical remote destination in the Okavango swamps. It is a paradise of flooded plains and secret swampy backwaters, teaming with wildlife, as we are nestled between Mahangu National park, aContinue Reading

Ngepi Tree houses – where your feet are in nature

A blog by Rachel Lang You haven’t experienced the full magic of Ngepi Camp until you have stayed in one of their tree houses… This morning I woke up with the sunrise between my toes. Little chirping birds – bou bou’s, babblers, and white-browed robin chats – were happily hopping on the branches near myContinue Reading