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Ngepi Poftjie Kindergarten


The ‘Ngepi Poftjie Kindergarten’ was built by us in the Divayi village near our gate and our teachers focus more on lessons on environment rather that the western education system. We have 3 teaching assistants from the local village who are amazing – we supply a TV with only environmental programs and on the odd occasion some big soccer games to entertain the community at large, who now use this kindergarten as a community centre.

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The facts about Ngepi camp

NGEPI CAMP’S COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE TOURISM – 2015 Ngepi Camp was created in 1987 by Mark Adcock who still owns and oversees it to this day. Today it is a world famous destination and attracts tens of thousands of tourists to Namibia annually. Ngepi Camp’s real success is that (despite the factContinue Reading

Responsible tourism drives award winning Ngepi camp

An article about Ngepi Camp on the Namibian Tourism Expo blog! Ngepi camp on the Kavango river in the far north east of Namibia is a magical remote destination in the Okavango swamps. It is a paradise of flooded plains and secret swampy backwaters, teaming with wildlife, as we are nestled between Mahangu National park, aContinue Reading