Please read the following information to ensure you get the most from your stay with us…

Namibia’s Time change – Although the rest of Namibia changes to GMT +1 during winter, we stay on the standard GMT +2 throughout the year. In other words we work on South African time, always! Seriously!!

Electricity – Our electricity comes from an 18Kw solar system as we do not want to support (by paying the bill) the import of electricity from a coal burning power station in South Africa – we are aiming then to be in the position to sell carbon credits!! The plug points are all 220 Volts, alternating current 50 Cycles (Hz) and run on a timer. Don’t forget to pack an extension cord.

Hot Water – The water for your shower is heated by solar geysers which should provide adequate hot water in the late afternoon/early evening.

The camp – uses a septic tank system; therefore please do not flush any foreign objects such as sanitary items down the toilet. Please use the bin provided.

BBQ / Fire pits – Not all the Tree Houses have a fire pit, not because we think you should not have one, but the location did not allow for it. If you are in a Tree House without a fire pit, please ask reception for a possible solution! All our campsites have one, please remember to bring your own grid.

Fire Wood – We sell fire wood at the camp… all collected as a community project from SUSTAINABLE forests by the community – some other firewood sold along the roads is cut from sensitive riverine forest areas that are under threat – please DON’T buy it!!!

Meals – We have a basic menu for breakfast and lunch; please place your order at the bar, between 7:30 and 17:00 RSA time. There is a FREE self-service coffee station, available between 7:30 and 21:00 RSA time.

Dinner – Please book for Dinner before 17:00 RSA time. We serve a basic, but delicious, home cooked meal with dessert, in our river view dining area at 19:30 RSA time.

Curio Shop – A selection of curios, clothing items and such are found at reception. Our curios are not cheap – we only encourage craftsmen who are really good to produce. By paying more for quality as well as selling for a higher price, it reduces the impact on the trees and environment.

Shopping / Supplies – Namibian game Braai packs are available for sale at the Bar. In the nearby town of Divundu there are two shops where one can find basic supplies and fuel.

ATM’s – There is a Barclay’s Bank ATM in Shakawe, where one can get PULA from. In Divundu there is also a ATM but it’s unfortunately not always working!

Payments – For credit card payments, we accept most major international cards (Mastercard & Visa), however unfortunately, at present we cannot take American Express nor Diners Club cards. We also accept USD, EURO, POUND STERLING, PULA and RAND. Regretfully we do not accept personal or business cheques, ever!.

Local Culture – The local tribe of this area is “Hambukushu”. If you would like to know more about the history and culture please feel free to ask any of our staff. You can also enquire about the Village Walk.

Water – ALL water is pumped directly from the river and therefore we strongly advise not to drink it. A complimentary bottle of Mineral Water is provided in your Tree House or Bush Hut and more is available for sale at the bar. We also provide filtered and UV treated water at a tap behind the Reception building. Please feel free to fill up your empty water bottles, containers or vehicle water tanks!

Malaria – This is a malaria area and you need to consult your Doctor as to how to protect yourself while in these areas. None of the staff take any precautions other than to ensure they are covered up at sunrise and sunset with long sleeves and a repellant spray – new research shows that 95% of all malaria mosquito bites occur at these times and then only 200mm from the floor. (we don’t spray poisons around the camp – EVER – and therefore have a working natural balance of mozie’s, spiders, geckos’ and birds that keep the mozie down to a very low number)

Security – Safety deposit boxes are available at Reception. We also have security personnel patrolling the camp at night. This is mainly a preventative measure (more so for Hippo’s), but unfortunately a necessary evil of the times we live in. Due to the “openness” of our Tree Houses and Bush Huts, we ask you to apply common sense with regards to your belongings. The same also applies to our camp site guests.

Insurance – We accept that all guests that enter Ngepi have insurance to cover any medical expenses, emergency evacuation, or any loss or damage to any personal property.

Emergencies – We insist on and accept that you have already taken FULL medical insurance cover before you enter our gate, and that it includes a flying ‘medivac’ clause to get you to a Windhoek hospital if needed. There is a mission hospital 30 km away for small emergencies.

YOU accept that we (the owners & staff) at Ngepi are NOT responsible for your safety while you are here – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for you.

On arrival please take down our Emergency number at Reception in case you might need it.

We have been doing it for over 20 years and nobody is dead yet!!

Come and get a life